Why is breast reduction gaining popularity by Liposuction?

Recently, breast reduction is more and more common all over the world. Breast reduction surgery provides the patient life-altering results like self-esteem.

The surgeons have been using the liposuction for the breast reduction for past 2 decades.

Why do they prefer liposuction for breast reduction?

Before liposuction was not so popularized, the surgeons were removing the fat through surgical removal which means that the patients had more surgical incisions.

What is the advantage of using liposuction for breast surgery?

The scars are relatively minimized with the liposuction rather than surgical incisions. Surgical remove causes significant blood loss and more prominent scarring.

Another advantage of liposuction is that the liposuction allows the patient much quicker recovery period. It also causes less pain to the patient.

However, the liposuction for the breast reduction is not recommended for everyone. Because some patients may have large breast tissues and the skin need to be removed from the body. Otherwise, they will have droopy or saggy breast look.

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