Three letters to look like Kardashians: BBL

It is a dream to have butts like Kardashian’s by just training, but it is not a dream anymore with BBL surgery! If you want to have a good shape and big butts in a couple of hours, BBL is the one that you need most. 

As a first step for the surgery, you will be performed with liposuction on your tummy, waist, love handles and back to obtain enough fat cells for your buttocks. If you want to get rid of the fat on other areas, of course you can ask for these areas unless it is not more than 5-7 liters since the more than 5 to 7 liters in one session may create a risk for your health. That is why we don't recommend more than that in one session to stay on safe side and not to put you under life and death risk!

As Bestify Group, we prefer to perform laser liposuction even if we provide all types of liposuctions. Because laser liposuction is the latest technology, and it helps to tighten your body thanks to its properties of ultrasound waves and ultra-heat. The laser liposuction does not need any force to apply on the body during the surgery as well. That is why your body will not have as much as bruising like the other types of liposuctions and your recovery will be much faster.

After the fat is removed from your body, it will be injected and transferred to your butts so that you will have a rounder and bigger butt.

What is the recovery like after BBL surgery?

After BBL surgery is performed, you will not be allowed to lay down on your back since the transferred fats may be melt and there may have some disproportions on butts that is why we recommend you use a BBL pillow. We will be instructing you before and after the BBL surgery as well and we will be following you up online to instruct you according to your condition.

Thanks to BBL surgery, you will have a tightened abdominal area with laser liposuction, and you will have a nice look of butts. It is possible to have an hourglass shape with Bestify Group, consult us and look like Kardashian with three letters: BBL!


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