Top questions about dental implant

Smiling is a nice way to show your self-confidence. However, it needs to be healthy though! 

As Bestify Group, we work with the best brands for the dental materials including dental implant. That is why I recommend you search for the clinics and its materials that will be used if you get a cheaper quote. Because there are lots of low-quality materials on the market which have less durability and may cause a problem while chewing or even has long term harms on your gum.

Today, we will be talking about dental implant as you can understand from the title. Dental implant is a procedure which has been more and more popular due to technological improvements recently.

Let me explain the dental implant procedure:

Dental implant is a big procedure among other dental treatments. As first, your gums, jawbone and x-ray will be evaluated by our experienced surgeon dentist. If your bones are suitable for the dental implant, you will be visiting us two times to get your treatment completed. In your first visit, the screw will be placed on your gums and then you need to wait from 3 up to 6 months for your bones to be healed. 

After you complete your healing process, we will be welcoming you for your second visit. On your second visit, the crown will be placed on the top of the screw that is located on the first trip. As Bestify Group, we care a lot about your requests, that is why the shape and color of the crown will be decided by yourself with the experienced dentist.

What’s gonna change after having dental implants?

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, you will gain your self-confidence by smiling again with longlasting durable treatment for many years.

It will be improving your oral health since the dental implant helps keeping your oral hygiene.

Another advantage of dental implant is that it is improving your speech since the gaps will be closed and it will help to stop mumbling or missing the word while you are speaking.

In order to contribute for your life standard and smile without hesitation, choose Bestify Group and take a step for your self-confidence!


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