There are lots of people who lose their existing hair. The hair loss is especially a nightmare for men due to genetics, stress, lifestyle etc. That is why hair transplantation is one of the most popular treatments all over the world. Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations for hair transplantation procedure. 

Why is Turkey so popular for the hair transplantation comparing to other countries? 

There are multiple reasons to get hair transplantation in Turkey. One of them is that the clinics in Turkey offer cheaper quotes and cost savings. That is why many people prefer to get hair transplantation due to low budget. Also, the surgeons, doctors and medical team are performing lots of treatments due to low-cost labor so that they have more experience comparing to their colleagues in other countries as they perform the treatments and surgeries. It is possible to get a free consultation regarding your pictures as well. 

Also, maximum grafts are performed for the patients during procedure as the others are charging per extra graft.

The other reason is that the people get qualified services with low budget since the costs are very cheap due to currency. As Bestify Group, we offer all-inclusive packages which include airport transfers, hotel accommodation and even personal host. So that you will not face any language barriers which is also included to your package. 

Another reason is that Turkey has most preferred holiday spots. Why don't you get a vacation besides getting hair transplantation? We have many patients who come for the surgery and get holiday at the same time. I believe turkey will hug you with the cozy culture and nice people.

If you would like to get a good holiday and get your new hair, Bestify Group is waiting for you in Turkey!

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