When Can One Get Back to Work After Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL operation, better known as Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries around the globe. It has its advantages and disadvantages; some may choose to have butt-lifting with prosthesis some may choose to have a BBL. The difference is the material; in BBL, instead of a prosthesis, our board-certified surgeons use the patient’s own fat for the operation.  

BBL in Turkey is widely famous all around the globe. In Brazilian Butt Lift operation, we make several areas of liposuction to transfer the fat to the buttocks area. This is a must to be known, for the BBL operation the chosen areas will have liposuction operation. The certain amount will be taken from the areas.

Getting Up After the Operation

Our surgeons got the lightest and the softest hands, you would jump out of the bed even on the same day! We provide you with a corset for your buttocks. During the healing process, the positioning of the back area is very important and essential because of the moveable fat molecules. The first three days are the most important part of the BBL operation since the patient needs to protect the operation zone. Brazilian butt augmentation lets its patients get back to work in haste.  The operation itself needs three days to be healed and the patient can gather his/her strength in several days. The notable point is as it is told positioning. The butt garment will help with its round-shaped cups altered for the patient’s own size. This will reshape the fat molecules and it will prevent the roaming of fat inside of buttocks. Preserving the desired shape is the utmost goal after BBL operation.

If you are working in an office, you need to take your garment and corset with you for a one-month minimum. You will have your strength but think that as the water inside of a bottle, it will get the shape of it. Brazilian butt lifting operation, butt augmentation is an easy operation in the theatre but it needs more attention in the post-operation process.

If you are working in a job where you stand, you need to wear your corset and evade the incoming hits from the environment. BBL operation in Turkey has a pioneer in the sector. Our board-certified famed surgeons in both cities Istanbul and Izmir are waiting for you. Let us Bestify yourself and help you to achieve your dreams.

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