What To Expect During Your Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Rhinoplasty, in other words, nose surgery, nose job, aesthetic nose operation is one of the most popular aesthetic operations among the people of Earth no doubt. Every day around the globe thousands of rhinoplasty operations done by the professionals in every region. We, as Bestify Group, having the right to be proud and happy about our patient satisfaction ratio and the rhinoplasty operation results. Leading in success in the branch of aesthetic surgeries in Turkey, we have prepared you an informative and helpful text about what to expect during your healing process after Rhinoplasty operation. 

As you know, the results of all aesthetic or non-aesthetic operations will take up to a year to be revealed fully. It is not over when the operation is done but it just starts. The most frequently asked question is; ''Will I see results right away?''  We have to say no because as you know all medical operation procedures have a specific minimum time of healing. This can take up to one year to recover completely. The healing process is affected by many things. Preserving the results is an essential role of the patient. For six months minimum, the patient must protect his/her nose from any incoming damage and contact. Since the nose is still in the progress of shaping and positioning itself, any incoming effect will disrupt the progress and can be harmful.

Rhinoplasty operation may have different healing time from the patient to patient since all people are unique, their metabolism and bodies are unique too. Minor swelling and minor bruises can occur after the operation around the nasal area. This skin effects will remain there no longer than 10 days maximum. 

The second most asked question is getting back to the daily routine. Since it is not a big operation, rhinoplasty lets patients adapt daily routine and their life in just a couple of days. The only thing the patient needs to keep an eye on is the protection of the nose. This operation is a friendly one. Rhinoplasty in Turkey, especially by Bestify doctors is a slight operation and lets you jump off the bed on the second day or even the same night! 

Bleeding in minor levels can occur on the first day of the operation only when you are in the hospital.  When you get out of the hospital after the Rhinoplasty operation, the nose will start to heal. A couple of days later when the tampons are removed, the nose will be available for inhaling again. The position and the shape of the nose after the rhinoplasty operation will take healing time up to one year, so the patient needs to be patient about it. If you had fillers before the operation makes sure they are removed from the area before the operation because they can cause minor or major problems in the nasal area after the rhinoplasty operation. 

Our doctors, as Bestify Group we proudly say that we can provide a better look for you and can help you to achieve your dreams, can let you have the ''Bestified'' version of yourself. Not only for the look or aesthetic reasons, but rhinoplasty operation can also be done for medical issues too. For every nasal solution, we are here to help you to achieve your dream. Let's Bestify yourself together!

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