Hair & Beard Transplant

Hair & Beard Transplant

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hairs are the most important part of our appearance. It can reflect us as young, angry, cool or even funny person. That’s why many people pretend to cover their baldness with the wigs or beanies. Additionally, some hair loss types are temporary while others can be permanent. If the person’s hair loss is permanent or irreversible, a hair transplant in turkey will be the most appropriate solution. Now, it is not a dream to have dense hair. Bestify Group is one click away to be the best version of yourself! It’s time to gain your self-esteem back.

Hair loss is a common problem that affects many people regardless of gender or age. There is a common belief that only men might suffer from hair loss which is not right. Since the hair fall causes are pretty same for all, the result won’t change according to the gender: a hair loss. Factors like stress-related, heredity-related, hormonal or immune-related can result in lack of hair. That’s why both men and women may suffer from hair loss and interested in having hair transplantation. Moreover, not only the mid or older ages, anyone above the ‘20s can have this treatment done without any risk.

Several areas can be transplanted: head, eyebrow, beard, moustache, or even body are only a few of them. All those parts can be successfully performed by our medical experts. They all have pretty same steps to follow.

Bestify Group provides a pain-free procedure that takes place in a well-equipped, hygienic operating rooms by professional medical team in Turkey. There are several types of hair transplantation techniques that can be applied: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique and Sapphire Percutaneous FUE. The best method can be selected according to the patients’ cases by our experienced team. Please click here to learn which technique will be best for you.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): It is the oldest technique that is used for the hair transplantation. Since it is invasive and leaves permanent, visible scars on the donor area, it is not preferred in these days.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): It is the latest and widely known technique for the hair transplantation. It does not require any surgical incisions just like FUT. That’s why it is the most preferred method of transplantation. It may last around 4-8 hours based on the patients’ condition. There are five steps for FUE:

  1. Consultation: During the consultation, the hairline will be drawn with a pen. At this point patients’ expectation, and our experience will be our guideline to achieve the most natural result. If drawn hairline is not approved by the patient, then new lining will be offered by the medical team.
  2. Preparation: After getting confirmation for the hairline, the trimming of the head will be done. Based on the patients’ request only the donor area (back of the head) can be shaved rather than the overall scalp too. When the trimming is completed, the local anesthesia and/or sedation will be performed. Needle-free anesthesia by high pressured air might be an option according to the patients’ request too. At this point, Bestify Group will offer all the possible options to improve the patient satisfaction.
  3. Extraction: When anesthesia starts to work, follicular units will be collected one by one from the donor area. The donor area often is the back of the head since that area scientifically proved for the healthiest and fullest hair growth. For this step, micro needle punching tools will allow the follicles to get extracted without any damages to both surrender hairs and the graft itself. Since it is between 0.6mm to 1mm wide, it prevents any visible scarring on the scalp. The size of the punch will be determined by the medical team depending on your scalp and hair type. When the extraction is completed, grafts will be left in a special solution to be ready for the opened canals.
  4. Opening the canals: It is said that, this is the most important step comparing to others. The present hair growth angle must be taken into consideration for creating proper canals on the scalp. Canals and existing hairs’ direction should be on the same angle to obtain a good, natural result that requires higher experience. Canals should be created in the area where the balding occurs.
  5. Implantation of the grafts: Once the canals are created, follicles will be transplanted carefully. This process will be repeated one by one till the whole area covered.

Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI): It is the technique that performs treatment by the special tool called Choi Pen. In the DHI method, extracted grafts are directly implanted into the recipient area without any waiting time in the solution. So, there is no extra step of opening canals like FUE. However, the maximum number of grafts in one session with DHI can be around 2,000 where it can be up to 5,000 grafts with FUE. That’s why this method will not be successful who has great balding.

Sapphire Percutaneous FUE: It is the method where the canals are opened by a special tool with sapphire blades rather than superfine slits. This method can be preferred for the patients whose scalps require special care. Since the blades are super thin, it provides all same and tiny canals with less damage. It can be recommended for the patients according to their medical backgrounds.

Bestify Group provides Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP Treatment) for free in all kinds of transplantation packages since it enhances the survival rate of transplanted hair follicles. It also prevents the shedding of existing hairs by nourishing the natural appearance. It is applied to the scalp by very thin needles. Since the scalp is already anesthetized for the treatment, PRP session will be also pain-free. PRP is obtained from the patient’s blood and promotes hair growth with the special ingredients. Additionally, this therapy lowers the possibility of scarring after hair transplantation and fastens the healing process.

Hair Transplantation with Bestify Group will be the best option for the hair loss problem. 99% of our patients told that they never felt any pain during or after the procedure. Moreover, they mostly fall asleep during the procedure where the rest watched a movie or listened to music. All the necessary gadgets will be provided to you for free to improve your experience during the treatment. On the other hand, the treatment will be provided for a medical group of 2 or 3 so that it lessens the duration of the overall process.

It is also good to emphasize that Besity Group does not charges per graft. Since we always aim to perform maximum graft amount for the full density, we offer all-inclusive packages that include maximum graft at the same price. So, the package price will not increase based on the amount that will be performed. To have more information, please contact us now.

Steps to Bestify Yourself in Turkey

  1. Contact us by email, phone or filling the contact form. You will be matched with one of our medical consultants right away. S/he will be asking for some photos from the front, top, and back of your head.
  2. Once you provide your photos, our surgeons will evaluate your case and prepare you a free personalized treatment plan. Your assigned medical consultant will be sharing the treatment plan and exact quote with you. S/he will be responsible for clarifying all of your questions marks before you proceed.
  3. When you are ready to proceed, you will be asked to fill the online medical history form to let your medical professionals view your health status before you come.
  4. After getting confirmation of your medical history form, you will be asked to the make a deposit payment online (around 100- 200 according to your treatment amount) via credit- debit card or Western Union. A deposit payment will be deducted from your remaining balance meaning, you will pay less when you arrive. When you complete the deposit payment, your package price will be valid until the end of the year. None of the price increases will be affected to you during a year. You can pick your treatment date, whenever you feel ready to come.
  5. When you pick your treatment date, your consultant will help you to find the suitable flights and arrange your all bookings including hotels and airport transfers. You will be assisted by your host from arrival till departure. On your arrival day, you will be dropped to your hotel to have some rest for the surgery day. You will also be informed about your pre-operative instructions.
  6. On the next day, your host will accompany with you from hotel to the hospital. Your paperwork and registrations will be assisted by your host. When it is completed, you will be assigned to your procedure room. Your medical team will meet you there to have a physical consultation. You will be free to spend enough time with your doctor and ask about all your questions. In the meantime, your pre-operative blood tests will be operated by your nurses.
  7. When your comprehensive pre-operative tests are concluded and you feel ready, the surgery will start. It will last around 4 to 8 hours and when the surgery finishes, you will be welcomed by your host to accompany you to hotel.
  8. You will have your checkup with your medical staff one day before your flight. All the post-operative instructions will be given to you by your doctor. Moreover, your consultant will be available for you online for a year to follow up on your healing process. S/he will be asking you to send your photos periodically to inform your doctor about your progress.

Approximate Cost to Bestify Yourself by Hair Transplant in Turkey

We all aware that plastic and cosmetic treatments are not very affordable and reachable by everyone. According to our researches, hair transplantation costs around £3,500- £10,000 in the UK, European countries, and America based on the number of grafts. This is only the surgery costs itself. So, when we sum up consultation fee plus aftercare costs, it will cost around £11,000. However, Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations for cosmetic treatments including hair transplantation due to low labor and operational cost. Because of the low prices, best plastic surgeons in Turkey can have a chance to reach more patients and perform lots of hair transplantations compared to his/her colleagues in other countries which also results in gaining more experience and better results.

Bestify Group aims to provide all kind of cosmetic treatments by offering affordable prices. According to our view, every treatment should be performed by the best surgeons in Turkey. That’s why Bestify Group selects its partner doctors very carefully. All the talented hands are involved in Bestify Groups’ experienced medical team to increase the ultimate patient satisfaction. Moreover, the hotels that we agreed has all high quality to improve the patient experience in Turkey. We are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the outcome that they desire. Since your health will always come first, rest assured that you are in safe, experienced hands.

The most affordable and safest hair transplantation in Turkey is available in Bestify Group. Bestify Group’s hair transplantation surgery in Turkey costs around £1,200- £1,450. All- inclusive treatment packages cover airport transfers, accommodations, and all the hospital-related costs. So, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Everything will be arranged by our team. Bestify Group guarantees the best price, as always. To learn your exact package price for your condition, please contact us by filling our inquiry form online or request a call-back. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Duration: 4 to 8 hours
Stay: Hotel for 3 Nights
What to bring: Comfortable clothes with button down or zips
Anesthesia: Local
Haircut: Occasionally ( at least the donor area needs to be shaved
Recovery: Needs at least 3 to 4 days to get back to daily life
PRP Therapy: Included to nourish transplanted hairs
Pain: None
Scars: None with FUE method
Exercise: After 15 days
Results: Start to see after 3-6 months
Success rate: 98% with permanent hairs
Donor Area: Will grow again after the transplantation
Possible Side Effects: Bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, itching, numbness
Combining with other procedures: Can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries or dental treatments

Yes definitely. Cosmetic treatments can be combined in the same session which is better. Since having anesthesia is not recommended for many times, it will be better to combine multiple surgeries at once.

You can get back to your daily routine after 1 week. However, it will be instructed you to avoid heavy activities for a month.

Surgery will be performed under anesthesia. That’s why there will be no pain during or after the surgery. You will be also prescribed to take painkillers to avoid minor pain too. So, there won’t be any pain that bother you.

Antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed. Special shampoo and lotion will be provided for free as well.

You may start light exercises when you complete 45 days.

Every treatment contains some risks. Hopefully, Bestify Group experienced professionals did not face any situations before. They always stay in the safe side about the body limits while performing the surgeries. Additionally, our partner hospitals are accredited where includes all the medical units in case of emergency. So, our patients will be safe and under control of over 75 doctors within the hospital.

A deposit payment of 150 will be paid upfront whereas remaining will be paid when you arrive. A deposit of 150 will be deducted from the remaining balance.

Bestify Group medical consultants will be available online for a year after your surgery. They will be asking your photos periodically to check your healing process. Since they will stay in close contact with you, they will realize if sth. goes wrong and interfere with the situation right away. You might be instructed to apply a special massage, take an additional antibiotic etc. If additional interference is required, you will be invited Turkey again to let your specialist see you again. Since our surgeons and the medical team is very professional, we didn’t face this situation before. Bestify Group also guarantees the free second treatment in case of malpractice.

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