Dr. Dt. Ilayda Askan

Dt. Ilayda Askan is the first ranked graduate of Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry and made her Ph.D. on prosthetic dentistry at Yeditepe University. By specializing in the prosthetic field, she is able to perform high quality of crowns (with or without implant), veneers and smile design creation. Her extraordinary education and practice made her favored by local and foreign patients.

She participates many congresses, seminars and workshops every year to improve herself and learn new techniques that can be used in her area of the field. Since using best and modern techniques is her passion, she had the laser application training abroad. By this less invasive technique, she treated many patients without any pain.

She also attended aesthetic composite veneers training to become a masters of Hollywood Smiles. She is experienced in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry and performed many dental treatments to patients from United Kingdom, Ireland, Dubai, Qatar, Australia and USA. She has great communication skills. She speaks English properly where she can have great communication with her patients abroad.

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