What is the male breast reduction?

Even if the breast reduction is more popular among the women, it is also an option for men. Since men may also suffer from female breast shape due to hormones or weight. The breast reduction for the men is called gynecomastia, which helps men to reach a male breast type.

I know that you are complaining about the look of your upper body. You want to get male breasts and you do not have enough time to train a lot to get more muscles. Don't worry, the reason why we are here to make you feel happy in the easiest and smoothest way. If you want to get the look for your upper body as you dream of, it will take a few hours rather than training for months. However, even if you get the gynecomastia, you will need to train to take care of your body health!

Let me explain a bit your recovery period. After you are provided with the surgery, you will stay for 1 night in the hospital. After you are discharged from the hospital by your host next day, you will have some rest for 4-5 days since you may have some swellings, bruisings and edemas.

 Also, our team will be available 7/24 for you. You will have checkup day with your surgeon before you leave for your country. The surgeon will perform your last dressing before you leave and you will be instructed how to do your dressing, what medications to use, what to do etc.

However, we do not say goodbye to you since we will be following you up online for 12 months. It is time to say hi now!

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