What is included in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgeries?

You have already decided to go through this medical treatment. However, you want to know what you paid for. I mean what your package includes. Absolutely, you are right. In order to make it more clear for you, I will be happy to share our all including services.

When you land in Turkey, you will be picked up with VIP cars and your driver will drop you off to your reserved hotel. For return, you will be brought to the airport as well. This is just the beginning to start with.

Your package cost will cover all hospital expenses as well. What does hospital expenses include then? It includes anesthesia, operating room devices, hospital stay, nursing care, medications during your hospital stay etc. We also don't charge you per extra consultation. When you come for plastic surgery, we can arrange free consultation with hair transplantation or dental work if it is requested!

Apart from hospital expenses, you will have accommodation in the luxurious hotels according to your treatment plan which you will be included to your package. Since we have agreement with hotels, even hotel staff will be helping you when you face any problem during your stay. Amazing Turkish breakfast will be included for free too!

Since you will be flying to our country, we don't want you to face any language barriers that’s why you will have a personal host with you during your medical journey as well who has fluent English or German. So, your host will be helping you with reservations, check-in, check out, daily life, consultation as a good translator. Since we are a good team, your host will be visiting you in the hospital as well.

In order to get your treatment plan and learn more about your all-inclusive packages, it is time to meet Bestify Group! We are ready to perform the best version of yourself!

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