What is dental implant that we have always heard on websites, ads etc.?

You may lose your tooth due to decay, injury or some diseases. Dental implant is used for fulfilling the gaps in your mouth and usually made of titanium.

What are the procedures to get dental implant? 

Step 1- Evaluation: This is the first but one of the most important steps. As Bestify Group, we provide free consultation by our experienced dentists. Just click to get a free consultation for your teeth!

Step 2- Extraction: The remains of your teeth are extracted as first if you still have. So that your mouth is being prepared for the insertion.

Step 3 - Insertion: In this step, your jawbone is examined by our dentists and if your jawbone is not suitable to replace the screw, bone grafting should be inserted. Bone grafting is a powder of real bone to back your jawbone up for the treatment. When your jawbone is prepared for the insertion, the dental implant is replaced on your strong jawbone. You will be performed under local anesthesia and you will not feel anything rather than a little pressure.

You will have to wait from 3-9 months to proceed your treatment.

Step 4- Abutment: After your implant is stable enough, the abutment will be placed on the top of your implant.

Step 5- Addition: As a last step, the permanent crown will be place on your implant and you will feel like you have your own teeth.

In order to smile without hesitation, Bestify is here to provide best dental treatment in Turkey!

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