Baby, Mommy, Body: Mommy Makeover

Being a mother is so precious. But it may affect how your body look after you give the birth. Your breasts may be sagged, your tummy might be bigger and look saggy. Don't worry, everything has a solution with Bestify Group!

If you have just gave the birth and feeling uncomfortable with your body, mommy makeover is the most suitable surgery for you.

What is mommy makeover?

Mommy Makeover is a combination of the surgeries which include liposuction on tummy, waist, love handles and back and tummy tuck surgery and breast surgeries. 

Of course, you don't have to have a baby to be performed with mommy makeover surgery :) You may have same problems, so mommy makeover is just the name of the surgery. It will help for the same problems of any persons. 

Why are the surgeries combined?

This is a good question to be honest :) The aim of the surgeries is to give the best result under one surgery. So, you will get anesthesia just once and you will have only one recovery period. You will not have to work off for many times. You may reach an hourglass shape thanks to the combination of these surgeries. 

Moreover, we provide laser liposuction as Bestify Group since we proved that the laser liposuction is the best technology among the types of liposuctions. Laser has tightening effect by ultrasound and ultraheat. So, as you get rid of edemas, you will get more tightened body. Another advantage of laser liposuction is that it helps to the body to remove the fats even after the surgery. So, your body will keep losing fat till 6th month after surgery. 

It is a good option to combine the laser liposuction with tummy tuck since after the fats are removed from the body, the extra skin will be removed from the body to obtain a full flat abdominal area. And if you have a problem with your breasts, which the breast uplifting is mostly preferred, the surgeon will be providing the breast surgery at the same time. Annnnd... You will be amazed by your new body!

 We are here to make you amazed!

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