The things to consider before hair transplantation

The hair is the most visible accessories on our body. Well, if you have :) No worries, even if you are losing your hair by time or due to genetical reasons or stress, Bestify Group is here to give your hair back to you.

The hair transplantation is one of the most popular treatments in trends. Especially men care a lot their hair. When they start to lose their hair, they feel like they are naked. That is why they prefer to apply hair transplantation when they start to lose their hair. 

But you guys are lucky since there are lots of clinics in Turkey which provide hair transplantation.

But how could you choose the best treatment in Turkey? What do you need to consider before you choose the clinic to get the healthy and best result?

Firstly, you need to ask for the consultation procedure since it is one of the most important steps. Because you will decide the hairline before you go through the treatment.

What do we do as Bestify Group?

We don't limit the time for the consultation. After you meet our medical team, they will draw your hairline with a pen, and you will decide together for your hairline. It may last till you like the hairline.

Another question should be 'Where will your treatment be provided? '

We prefer to provide our treatments in real operating rooms in the hospitals rather than regular clinics rooms. Since we don't believe the clinic rooms will be suitable to provide any treatment which is important for your health. Where you get the treatment should be sterilized and clean.

A motto for the other question: More grafts doesn't mean more hair... You might be offered with extra grafts that may attract you. However, more than 5,000 grafts will be too risky for your future hair. It may too be hard for the hair to live and grow. Even they may damage to your existing hair which is called sudden hair shock loss. Another issue is that you might be offered with a cheap quote, but you might be charged per graft. As Bestify Group, we can provide up to 5,000 grafts according to your condition during the treatment and we do not charge you extra even if we provide more grafts than we offer in your treatment plan.

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