Problem areas of body fat explained

I know that eating is the most pleasurable thing in the life. However, some parts of our body store the fat firmly and it is hard to remove the fat especially from these areas. In this text, we will have a look for these problem areas in our body fat.

Upper Arms

Our upper arms are the one of the body parts which stores the fat. Even if you try hard to remove them, it is too hard by exercising. That is why most of our patients want to be performed with liposuction surgeries on upper arms as well as other surgeries.


Thighs are the body part which women suffer most in their bodies. According to research, women burn fat differently from the men. That is why it is pretty hard to remove the fat from thighs. No worries, it is not that hard with the liposuction surgeries anymore.


Another body part is tummy which we complain more about the body fat. The sugar and hormones are the most common causes of fat accumulating around our tummies. That is why %80-90of women are complaining about the fat around their tummies.

Double chin

The age and genetics are the reasons for both men and women which may cause double chin which may cause the droopy look on your face. In order to feel younger in your older ages and get a fresher look, the liposuction can help you with these problems.

Whichever part you suffer from the body fat, we will be right here to help you. As we discussed before, every problem has a solution! Bestify is one of the best ways to get the best solution!

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