POPULAR Cosmetic Treatments FOR MEN

It always seems that the women are more into beauty, look, etc. than men. With the changing of the world, the men also take care of their bodies, faces and they do not relate it with being masculine anymore. Yes, men also apply for cosmetic treatments as much as women, but what are the most popular treatments for men? 

I have already collected some infos for you and ranked the popular cosmetic treatments for men below:


Gynecomastia is a male breast reduction and highly desired by men lately. Because men are really obsessed with the look of feminine breasts. That is gynecomastia is their most preferable treatment.

2- Hair Transplantation

As all we aware, the hair is the most precious accessory. Unfortunately, most of men face with hair loss specially in their older ages. It may occur due to age, genetics, eating habits etc. That is why they prefer to be provided with hair transplantation.


Like Gynecomastia, the liposuction is also preferred highly by men. Since they like to have a fit look as women do. Some of the men wants to be provided with liposuction since they want to remove the fat and have a look with visible muscles.


The sex does not matter to be performed with rhinoplasty since our noses are the most visible organs on our faces. Some people may have breathing problems as well. That is why the rhinoplasty is also in the list in most popular cosmetic treatments for men as well as the list for women.


Otoplasty is important as much as rhinoplasty for men since usually they cannot hide their ears with the hair as women can do. That is why they do not like to have big or jug ears.


The men are also getting older, and they may need some treatment to have a younger looks. The men mostly prefer blepharoplasty to remove the under-eye bags so that they ca get a fresh and younger look.

7-Face and Necklifting

Another surgery type is neck and facelifting to get a younger look since men also feel uncomfortable with the sagginess, bagginess and wrinkles like women do. These surgeries are also options for men. They also deserve to look like in their 20s!

8-Botox and dermal fillers

These are the preferred treatments by men who is mostly in their middle ages and prefer nonsurgical treatments. Eliminating the wrinkles and flanks on the face makes men feel more comfortable when they look at the mirror.

9- Dental Treatments

The dental care is really important for men. That is why I can say for Bestify group that the dental treatments are on high demand by men.

Whoever you are, whatever you choose, we will be waiting to hear from you to provide you the best treatment in Turkey!

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