Opportunity to restore hair after the transplantation

Recovery period for hair growth with Hair Transplant in Turkey


You are on the door of the best hair transplantation in Turkey.
In this article, I would like to share the information regarding hair transplantation aftercare instead of talking about hair transplantation.

After you are provided with hair transplantation, you will have a recovery period for a while. You will also have checkup day before you fly back to your country so that you will be instructed by the medical team. In order to have a healthy hair transplantation, the instructions need to be followed up properly. 

First of all, you need to be careful not to hit your head and touch your donor and transplanted area since you might damage to your transplanted grafts.

You will apply ice on your head and eyes to prevent more bruising and swellings.
Of course, you should drink water to remove edemas since you will be provided hair transplantation under local anesthesia.

Your donor area will be also shaved that is why you are not allowed to touch your donor area and transplanted area for a while according to instructions of our medical team.

The medical team will also wash your hair on your checkup day, and they will show you how to wash your hair with the provided lotion and shampoo. So that you will keep washing your hair how it is showed you. We will also send you a video to help you with washing too. The medical team will recommend some vitamins as well to make your recovery easier and quicker which is up to you.

After a month, your transplanted area will have some scabs which you need to peel them off via fingertips without pressure and scratching. So that your hair will grow, but there is also a recession period, your hair will fall off and then you will have healthy hair on your transplanted area.

Anyway, we will be instructing and following you up step by step and you will be instructed by the medical team after your treatment. Everything is so smooth and easy with Bestify Group!

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