History of Liposuction

As all of us know that the liposuction surgery is a fat removal procedure. We always mention about the procedure, types of liposuction, risks etc. This time, I will explain you about the history of Liposuction. How is the liposuction started to perform and when was the first

liposuction surgery?

Let's add more to our knowledge about liposuction!

Actually, the liposuction surgery has been rooted in the 1920s, when Charles Dujarier, French surgeon, introduced the body contouring and fat removal. After a procedure caused the gangrene in the leg of a model, the liposuction lost the popularity in the following decades.

It is gained the popularity again in the 1974 when European surgeons, Arpad and Giorgio Fischer, invented the blunt technique as they are working in Rome, Italy.

In 1982, Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz, French surgeon made liposuction more popular by developing it with " Illouz Method". He presented this method as a suction-assisted method by removing the fat cells.

In the next decade, it continues to be developed by American physicians and surgeons by experiments of the techniques and the types of anesthesia by inventing the local anesthesia.

The doctors introduced the use of ultrasound and ultraheat to remove the fat easily. Recently, the liposuction is one of the least painful and easiest surgeries. 

You have also learned the history of liposuction and you know how easily and less painful the liposuction is yet. If you have also interest in the liposuction surgery, we are a click away!

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