Care and Recovery Process After Hair Transplantation

Care and Recovery Process After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is a very widely chosen operation among men and women for various reasons. We see fascinating results every day everywhere. The doctors have done their part but what must we do after having a hair transplant? Let's see.

The First Washing

Hair transplant operations will have a specific timer to get to normal life. After a couple of days not more than 3, you will be able to have the first bath. With your fingertips gently apply water to the skin. Do not let the water hit hard your skull, from now on every touch needs to be gentle. 

Besides the bath, keep the area moisturized. Not too dry bot too wet. You will maintain the balance.

You now have an excuse to skip the gym. after 1 week you can go to the gym but do not have a rough exercise routine. Start from light exercises if you push yourself too hard in vigorous exercises it would lead to scalp pain around the area and swelling.


Do not hesitate to take pain-relievers if you feel any. You would feel some aching around the area it is very usual.

Applying ice. After the hair transplant operation, within 12 hours it is essential to apply ice to the area maximum of 15 minutes periods 4-5 times a day that will also help to minimize swelling. Your scalp will be fragile for the next 48 hours but you can moist gently and even can comb it without pressure applying.

As a pain reaction defensive system, inflammatory can be experienced around the area and also on the forehead with the swelling. After the hair transplant operation , by doing circles you may massage the are gentle. Evade the sun for a couple of days and do the massage 4-5 times a day, 15 to 20 minutes.

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