Breast Reduction Costs in Turkey

The breast reduction surgery is one of the most preferred surgeries in the world. It is becoming more and more popular.

Who needs the breast reduction?

If you suffer from heavy breasts and they make you feel more and more painful or if you are not satisfied with the large amount of breasts, you are the most suitable one for the breast reduction surgery then.

So, you know that you are a good candidate for the breast surgery. However, you are wondered about the costs of breast reduction surgery.

I am here to clarify your mind :)

According to our research, breast reduction surgery costs around £3,500 - £6,000 in the UK, European countries, and America. This is only the surgery costs itself. So, when we sum up consultation fee plus aftercare costs, it will cost around £7000. However, Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations for plastic and cosmetic surgeries including breast reduction due to low labor and operational cost. Because of the low prices, best plastic surgeons in Turkey can have a chance to reach more patients and perform lots of breast surgeries compared to his/her colleagues in other countries which also results to gain more experience and better results.

Bestify Group provides you the most affordable and safest breast reduction surgery in Turkey. Bestify Group’s breast reduction surgery in Turkey costs around £2,750 - £3,200. All- inclusive treatment packages cover airport transfers, accommodations, and all the hospital-related costs. So, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Everything will be arranged by our team.

If you feel more comfortable right now, then contact us and start to make your dreams come true!

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