Beard and Moustache Transplant in Turkey

Hello there,

The hair transplantation is not just for head, we provide beard and moustache transplantation as well. Since we know beard and moustache are the accessories of men, they might feel the lack of their accessories. The men provide these treatments as well to boost their self-confidence.

You will have consultation with our experienced medical team. You will have enough time to ask your questions on your mind and they will be helping you to clarify your mind as I do :)

During your consultation, the shape of your beard or moustache will be drawn by the experts and you can erase and change the shape till you like. I mean you can decide the shape by yourself.

You might have some redness on your beard or moustache and your donor area, but it will be gone in 2 weeks so you will not have to get extra work off since the treatment and recovery period will take around 3 days in Turkey.

You will also have a checkup day the day with the medical team the day before you fly. They will show how to use your beard, hair, moustache, and you will be instructed for your medications and the rest of your recovery period.

You might have some swellings, bruising and redness, there is no worries when you have these kinds of complications. You might have some itchiness as well, but it will not take long.

The grafts are decided according to your evaluation by the medical team regarding your pictures. We do not charge you extra per graft. If it is possible, the medical team will provide more grafts during the treatment for sure.

We trust on our medical team and treatment! In order to get one of the best treatments in Turkey, contact us and get your treatment plan for free!

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