Are You Body Confident?

As a generation who fangirled Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian for years, their hourglass figure has no doubt helped us to create our image of a “perfect body”. Now, get ready for the big news: It is not a fantasy these days to have the body of your dreams! Thanks to Bestify Group who offers a wide range of operations (Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast uplift - reduction - implants) in JCI certified hospitals with the best doctors in the field; all you have to do is come to Turkey and let us take care of you. Although Turkey is one of the top three countries in the medical field; due to its currency, prices in Bestify Group will be much cheaper. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think you deserve to be treated well and have the body of your dreams? Before you check out our website for more detailed information, let us share a rough information to start with.  Are you ready for this journey?

The Best Candidate for a Breast Surgery (uplift - reduction - implants)

At this point, a sharp age limit awaits us which is 18. If you have successfully passed this round, we can say that health is the major element for a successful breast enhancement process. Our doctors seek patients who are in good physical health with no medical issues. Let’s also hope that you are not smoking, consuming a significant amount of alcohol or breastfeeding because our doctors would definitely prefer it otherwise.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Breast Surgery

If you consider having breast surgery, I am sure you have some drawbacks about scars or risks of these operations. About scars, we have both good news and bad news. Bad news is that: yes, there will be scars. Good news is: they will fade away in time! There is therefore nothing for you to worry about the scars. As for the risks, doctors tell that infection, allergic reaction, bleeding, asymmetry and blood clots are possible outcomes, but do we need to highlight that none of our patients in the Bestify Group have never experienced any of these. Even in the worst scenario, Bestify Group guarantees safety and offers control of over 75 doctors within the hospital to its patients. Besides; results are permanent, so you will have to go through this operation once and there you go! What can we ask more, right? Before we forget, insurance unfortunately does not cover breast surgery operations. However, since Bestify Group offers the lowest prices in the sector, you are in the right place.

The Best Candidate for a Brazilian Butt

Dear readers, if you are between 18-21 years of age, we want to make sure you think about this thoroughly and are confident that your body is done developing. If you are older than that, you know your stuff! Also, it would be the best if you are a little bit overweight or your weight is average since your doctor will transfer fats from your body to your butt. But if you are very thin, don’t be sad! Our doctors can offer you a special diet to get you ready for your surgery. As we said before, it is our job to take care of everything!

Things to Keep in Mind for a Brazilian Butt

Before you ask: there won’t be scars and this operation includes very basic risks like infection, allergic reaction, bleeding, asymmetry and blood clots. But just like any other treatments, none of our patients have never experienced any of these risks. Another thing you should know is that results are permanent! We can imagine how deterrent it could be when you have to go through these operations more than once. Last but not least, you can combine this treatment with other treatments as well! Just to give you an idea, most of our patients prefer having dental treatments and butt surgery together to leave Turkey with a whole better body!

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